The Handbook of NMR Spectroscopy

I was first introduced to NMR spectroscopy in my undergraduate organic chemistry course. I was fascinated by the ability to obtain structural information about molecules using this technique. After graduation, I decided to pursue a career in NMR spectroscopy and obtained a position as a research associate in a spectroscopy lab.

As a research associate, my duties included running NMR experiments, analyzing data, and writing reports. I was also responsible for training new lab members in NMR spectroscopy. I enjoyed teaching others about this technique and helping them to troubleshoot their experiments.

I was eventually promoted to lab manager, and my responsibilities expanded to include managing the lab budget and ordering supplies. I also continued to run NMR experiments and train new lab members.

In my current position as a senior research scientist, I use NMR spectroscopy on a daily basis to characterize the structures of molecules. I also teach NMR spectroscopy to undergraduates and graduate students.

I have written several papers on NMR spectroscopy, and my book “The Handbook of NMR Spectroscopy” is a comprehensive guide to running NMR experiments and analyzing data. This book is a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about this technique.

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